What are Colour Changing Stickers For Goodnotes Elements

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What are Colour Changing Stickers for Goodnotes Elements

What are Goodnotes Magic Elements?

Hey there Creatives! My name is Nikita, and as a DIY, creative business, and graphic design enthusiast, I am learning to turn my passions into a passive income business through digital products and content creation. In this post, I'll be explaining how to create colour changing stickers that you can use in Goodnotes. I'll be answering questions such as what makes a Goodnotes sticker colour changeable, how to add custom stickers to Goodnotes, how to make Goodnotes colour change stickers, and whether it's possible to change the colour of all elements in Goodnotes. Let’s dive right in shall we?

What Makes a Goodnotes Sticker Colour Changeable?

Goodnotes stickers that are colour changeable are created using vector graphics. Vector graphics are images that are created using mathematical equations and are made up of individual shapes and lines. Since vector graphics are not pixel-based, they can be scaled up or down without losing quality. This means that the colours can be changed without affecting the quality of the image.

So what can you change colours of in Goodnotes?

  • Pen tool / Handwriting
  • Highlighter tool
  • Shapes
  • Text

How Do I Add Custom Stickers to Goodnotes?

Adding custom stickers to Goodnotes is a straightforward process. You can either create your stickers using a vector graphics editor or download them from online sources. Once you have the sticker files, you can import them into Goodnotes and use them in your notes. Depending on how the colour changing stickers were created you will import them slightly differently.

Import colour changing Goodnotes Element files

If they are created solely within Goodnotes are a elements file not fonts

  1. Open Goodnotes and create a new document or open an existing one.
  2. Tap on the Elements icon
  3. Press the blue + symbol in the bottom right
  4. Name the new collection
  5. Then select import from and select the .Goodnotes file from your files

If they are created with fonts you will do the following steps

  1. Open iFont app or a font installer of your choosing on your ipad
  2. Import the font file that came with your colour changing stickers
  3. Open settings and verify the font profile.
  4. Next open Goodnotes and create a new document or open an existing one.
  5. Tap on the Elements icon
  6. Press the blue + symbol in the bottom right
  7. Name the new collection
  8. Then select import from and select the .Goodnotes file from your files

How Do I Make Goodnotes Colour Change Stickers?

To make a Goodnotes sticker colour changeable, you need to create it using vector graphics. You can use popular graphic apps such as Adobe Illustrator or Goodnotes itself. However Goodnotes is predominantly a note taking app and is not the best drawing/graphic design app. Once you have created your stickers in Adobe Illustrator, you can export it in a format that Goodnotes supports, at this time the only way to import vectors into Goodnotes is with Fonts. When you import the sticker font into Goodnotes, you can change its colour using the app's colour picker and you can save text as elements.

Can You Change the Colour of All Elements in Goodnotes?

No, you can only change the colour of elements that are vectors in Goodnotes. This includes text/fonts, shapes, handwriting with the pen and the highlighter. Goodnotes offers a range of default colour options to choose from, and you can also create custom colours by HEX codes or the custom colour wheel. If you want to learn how to Create Stickers Fonts you can read the article


How to Create Color Changing Stickers Fonts for Goodnotes Elements a Step-by-Step Guide