How To Create Pinterest Pins Super Fast With Midjourney & ChatGPT

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How To Create Pinterest Pins Super Fast With Midjourney & ChatGPT

The Importance of Creating New Pinterest Pins

Pinterest is a powerful platform for driving a lot of traffic to your website. It is the perfect place to promote your blog, products, or services. However, Pinterest is favoring new “fresh” pins, so to keep growing your blog traffic, you need to upload fresh pins on a daily basis.  

But who has time to create pins all day every day? Creating Pinterest pins used to be super time-consuming, and it’s just not realistic to be creating loads of fresh pins when you have so many other things to do as a content creator. 

But here’s the good news: I have found the perfect combination of tools that pretty much designs your pins for you! Keep reading and find out how you can make 1000 Pinterest pins in an hour.

The Secret to Creating Pinterest Pins Super Fast

Adobe Illustrator - Variable Data Merge + Actions Batch Export 

Midjourney - Bulk image generation

ChatGPT - Alternative SEO Highly Clickable Titles and Descriptions

The Fastest Way to Batch Create Pinterest Graphics

Step 1: Download & Install Adobe Illustrator

If you haven’t already, download and install Adobe Illustrator.

Step 2: Download, Buy or Create Pinterest Templates

Using templates is the most efficient way to create multiple graphics quickly without sacrificing quality or style consistency. And when you combine templates with variable data merge and batch action export in Adobe Illustrator you will save yourself so much time and money.

Step 3: Generate Images Fast with Midjourney 

Midjourney v5 is a great option for generating images for pins quickly thanks to its generative AI technology which allows its users to input specific design prompts and receive a variety of output options back almost instantly.
Need a bunch of flat lay photography style images? You got it. Want watercolor food art for your background image? Done. 

Step 4: Generate Alternative SEO Titles and Descriptions with ChatGPT

Not only should you create pins using the article titles but you should also come up with a variety of SEO titles that have the same search intent. This will allow you to reach more people as not everyone searches the exact same thing when they are looking for answers. 

You will also want to have a variety of descriptions with keywords and LSI keywords for the same reasons. Just like Google Search, Pinterest is also a Search engine and we want to help Pinterest provide users the content they are searching for.

Step 5: Create Your Data Source Template

Create your Data source template using a spreadsheet program. I personally use google sheets but any spreadsheet program you have that can save as a CSV file will work just fine. This Google sheet template and your Adobe Illustrator Pins Templates will be the key to generating 1000’s of Pinterest pins in minutes.

Your spreadsheet will need columns for Titles, subtitles, CTA’s, background images and website URL.

If you want a step-by-step guide, I have an article on how to create custom Pinterest templates for data merge in Adobe Illustrator 

Step 6: Generate Pins with Variable Data Merge and Pinterest Templates

Data Merge your Data Source with your Pinterest Pin Templates in Adobe illustrator and run a Batch Export Action to generate hundreds if not thousands of Pins automatically. I have run a test bulk export of 10 Pinterest templates and 10 data sources totaling 100 unique pin designs in 4 minutes and 50 seconds.


What Is A Fresh Pin On Pinterest

A fresh pin is basically every new pin that you create, even if it links to an old blog post. You can create fresh pins for a new blog post, an old blog post, a landing page, a lead magnet, a shop page, your services page, an affiliate product, an affiliate course or service, or a digital or physical product.

How Many Pins Can You Create on Pinterest in a Day?

Currently, there isn't an official number given by the platform but most people recommend staying under 6-20 per day to avoid being flagged for spamming.

To maximize your daily pin creations while staying within these limits, try experimenting with different scheduling times and using automation tools like Tailwind or Hootsuite.

What is the Limit for Pinning on Pinterest?

According to Pinterest Help you can have up to: 2,000 boards, including secret boards and group boards | 200,000 Pins, including Pins on secret boards and Pins on group boards for personal accounts | 50,000 user follows