Ways to Use Digital Paper and Seamless Repeating Patterns

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30+ Ways To Use Digital Paper and Repeating Pattern Designs

Digital Paper & Seamless Repeating Patterns

Oh my Creatives, I absolutely love browsing the digital paper listings on Etsy, they are probably my most searched products truth be told. I literally spend hours hearting my favorite designs and dreaming up ways to use them. They have so many possible uses and they are so pretty [cue shiny object syndrome].

You may be wondering “umm… what are digital papers?” and “why would I be excited about how to use them?” Well, let me try and explain myself here.

Digital paper is basically a pattern design file [usually 12”x12” JPEG or PNG file]. Digital paper was originally created for digital scrapbooking to create backgrounds for their scrapbook page layouts. Just like scrapbooking paper packs sold in stores, digital papers are usually sold in themed packs.

Some digital paper packs are also seamless repeating patterns while others are just square images to be used as they come and are not a repeating pattern.

What Can You Do With Digital Paper Files

Digital paper files are just the best beginner friendly digital product! With seamless repeating patterns, the creative possibilities are truly endless. Just imagine using digital paper to create all sorts of custom graphics, backgrounds, and textures for your projects - whether it's actually for scrapbooking or a website design or some absolutely stunning party invitations. The best part is, you can use them as both digital and printable products, so you can really take your designs to the next level. And if you're feeling extra ambitious, why not create your own digital paper files and sell them for a little extra income too?

How Do You Use The Digital Files

Once you have downloaded your digital paper design file usually a .JPG or .PNG, you can open your file in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator or your preferred image editing graphic design app. Now you can adjust the colors and size of the patterns to fit your needs and really make your designs pop.

I have complied a list of many different ways to use them to share with you and I hope you find some inspiration to get yourself creating today.

★ Please note that most digital papers are sold as "for personal use only". But many sellers now offer a commercial license at an extra cost. If you want to use them for commercial purposes please check with the storeowner before making a purchase.

Paper Crafts

  • Digital scrapbooking. Kind of a no brainer but forgive me for stating the obvious. Digital scrapbooking is a fun and easy way to create beautiful, personalized scrapbook pages without the mess and hassle of traditional scrapbooking.
  • Travellers Notebook Covers. I love this option for digital papers. Just print your design onto some A4 or letter card stock and trim to size and fold over with your blank pages, stitch or staple and you have a notebook. Get creative and create a Travellers Notebook template in Adobe Illustrator to add Titles to your covers before printing.
  • Travellers Notebook Dashboards. Similar to the notebook cover once printed and trimmed instead of stapling or stitching to a notebook you laminate the dashboard pieces to create beautiful little dashboards for your planner.
  • Planner Dividers. For the planner addicts out there who use the ring bound or disc bound planners. Create your own planner page dividers to help break up the planner categories.
  • Special Occasion Cards. Make Custom Cards for the people in your life - Birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries and all the occasions. When it comes to special occasions, there's nothing quite like a personalized card to show someone how much you care.
  • Business Cards. Need a business card for your new online business? Digital paper could help your card stand out.
  • Origami paper. Print your own origami paper! Have a craft day with the kids making origami animals.
  • DIY Envelopes. Create your own envelopes and send someone you love some happy mail! Create matching envelopes for your custom cards
  • Personal stationary. While you are making your envelopes why not make stationary to match
  • Recipe cards. How satisfying would it be to have an entire recipe card collection in a cohesive style and theme? You would never run out and you would never waste left over cards because you can simply print just the amount you need each time!
  • Buntings and Banners. Design yourself a Template in Adobe Illustrator Data Merge your Celebrating Letters [to spell out Happy Birthday or Congratulations which ever suits your party] and cut your printed-paper and string yourself a custom Bunting or Banner.
  • Gift Tags. Always good to have handy come Christmas time. Or if you sell handmade or have a boutique physical products business add to a customers order to make it special.
  • Invitations. Where are my Party People! No need to run to the store to purchase invites in packs, print the exact number you need at home.
  • Announcement Cards. From cute baby announcements to engagements get designing some custom announcement cards.
  • Paper Die Cuts. Paper die cuts are pre-cut pieces of paper or cardstock that are cut into various shapes and designs using a die cutting machine. They come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and styles, and can be used in all sorts of different paper crafting projects, from scrapbooking and card making to home décor and DIY projects.
  • Gift boxes & Favor box. Create your own custom paper gift boxes and wedding favors with digital paper and seamless repeating patterns, you can easily design and create unique and personalized gift boxes and favors that are sure to impress.
  • Christmas tree ornaments. Create your own tree decorations with Christmas inspired origami and paper tinsel, baubles etc. You can make this a fun DIY project and get the kids involved or you could use a POD service and have the designs custom printed onto Christmas decorations such as baubles.
  • Paper roses. Create a unique bouquet of paper flowers to add color to your office or home.
  • DIY Confetti. This is a good idea for the leftover, scrap pieces from the other printed projects but you could also print a number of colorful digital paper designs, then use your hole punch to create your own custom confetti.
  • Collage paper for Art projects. Print digital paper to use as collage paper for your next Wall Art design.
  • Paper wish stars. Little origami stars you write a wish and fold into the star and keep in a pretty little jar.
  • 3D Paper Crafts - 3D paper crafts are three-dimensional paper sculptures or objects made entirely from paper or cardstock. These can range from simple paper models to more complex and intricate designs, and they can be used for all sorts of creative projects, such as home décor, party decorations, and even art installations.
  • Bookmarks. You can never have too many bookmarks. And is it just me or can you never find one when you need it? Create some custom Bookmark templates, print, cut and laminate!

Home Décor

  • Wall Art Accent. An abstract or accent piece for your gallery wall. Add a pop of color to your gallery of photos and other wall art. Print the design to fill a frame in your Gallery wall.
  • Name Wall Art. Use a beautiful pattern as a background in a custom artwork piece with your child's name for their bedroom or Nursery.
  • Quote & Motivational Wall Art. Open your file in your image editing program. Photoshop and illustrator are my go to programs and type out your favorite inspiring quote to hang above your desk.
  • Home Décor - Find a POD service and print your designs on throw pillows, rugs, quilt covers, mugs, Wall Art and more. There are many POD businesses now that will take your designs and bring them into real life on various products.


  • Custom Digital Wallpaper. Customise your iPhone, smartphone, iPad, laptop or desktop computer with custom wallpaper. Add inspirational quotes to keep you motivated.
  • Phone case art. You can print custom Phone cases with print on demand business out there on the internet.
  • Stickers and decals - There are many POD sites that will take your designs and print them for the world or you could DIY it with some label paper and a Cricut.
  • Custom Phone Pop Sockets - Another POD product that is very popular, who does have a phone these days and could use a custom Phone socket.

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Hobbies and Creative Businesses

  • Backdrops for portrait photography. Tile the 12"x12" files to create a large enough image to have printed for a photography backdrop or create digital backdrops for photographers to use in their photoshoot editing.
  • Backdrops for product photography. Create some pretty backgrounds for your next product photo shoot.
  • Doll house and Book Nook Wallpaper - There is definitely a demand in the doll and miniature niche for custom designs to help bring their world to life.
  • Blog & Media Assets - Use as extra background interest or small elements to the overall image for Pinterest images and blog post images.
  • Fabric for sewing and DIY projects. I have used spoonflower.com to print a recent sewing project which I shared.
  • Custom Book covers. Paper dust covers or fabric book covers to create a beautiful and totally custom aesthetic bookshelf perfect for your Shelfie Selfies.
  • Resin Jewellery. Resin is such a versatile craft print some designs to add to pendants and secure with resin.

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