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I want to collect all my favourite products, resources and companies that I use and love into one easy to find page. This way I can easily share all my favourites.

I will continue to add to this page as I find new recommendations.

Some links below are affiliate links. These links allow me to earn a small commission at no extra cost to you should you choose to purchase a product or service. I only recommend products I use and love.


I absolutely love using Shopify, the process of starting a blog and opening an online business is so easy. There is so much to do when starting a blog or online business that learning a complicated system shouldn't on your list. I highly recommend shopify for blog & shop. Try shopify for 14 days free here.


Adobe Creative Cloud

I have been using Adobe Photoshop since senior year in high school. I create all my blog & social media images, printables and creative designs in Photoshop and Illustrator.   


The Book Depository

I have been using the book depository since 2011 and I  have recommended it to friends and family every since. I love reading and coming home to a package from the book depository is my favourite kind of mail.