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Why I Publish First And Edit Posts Later

Why I Published First and Edited Later | The four things I did after I hit publish on my latest blog post. Why I chose to publish my content before I finished writing it.

Today I thought I would share with you why I go against the grain and don’t do what the great bloggers say to do.

I’m sure you’ve all read those posts about all the things you must do before you hit publish. You know the ones that have a list of twenty something time consuming tasks to MUST do before you hit publish.

While I don’t actually disagree with these posts, I mean they make good points and some of these to-do lists will improve the performance of the blog, I just don’t do it their way.

At least not often, sometimes I do my best to follow their advice.

But I have to be honest with myself, I’m a procrastinator and my blog is new with only a few posts, which means I have a small readership. If I waited until I did everything on those lists I would never get around to hitting publish.

Every time I read those blog posts from the professional bloggers, I would talk myself out of writing every blog post idea before I even wrote the first sentence. I would tell myself, “I will only publish this amazing blog post, after I have done XYZ first”.

So when I sat down to write my last post - Top Selling Ideas For Digital Products On Etsy – I decided to go against the popular tide.

I stopped trying to write the perfect blog post and just wrote a blog post title and added some words to it. I hit publish before I was even finished adding links and images to it. I even published it before I finished writing it.

And I am SO glad I did and I would do it again, in fact I plan to do it many more times. By hitting publish before I am finished writing it, put it out there into the world forcing me to finish it, I couldn’t hide behind the unpublished veil, people could see it so I had to finish editing and polishing it.

That post has been my best performing post I have ever written. I am so glad I gave myself permission to not only get it wrong, but also to make corrections until I got it right. I seem to fool myself into believing that everything I do needs to be right the first time otherwise it means I’ve failed.

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The 4 Things I did AFTER I hit publish

1 . Researched SEO Keywords

I used Google search and Pinterest to determine the best keywords to use for the blog post and for the metadata descriptions for my blog and social images once they are created

2 . Created Blog and Social Graphics

Now that I had worked out some keywords I wanted to use for my post and graphics I could go ahead and create some graphics to go with the post

3 . Edit, Link and Format

Next I spent some time editing, adding links (both affiliate links and related content links) and making sure that the post flowed nicely and is easy to read. Adding in all the links actually very time consuming and took me a few hours to finish them.

4 . Schedule Pins and Share

I scheduled my pinterest image across my boards to share over the next few weeks. And shared the post link in a few FB groups to try and get some the momentum for the post.

These last four steps took me about a week to do, but I got them done and nothing bad happened.

If I had waited until I had done everything before I hit publish I would still have that post sitting in the unpublished pile of blog posts.

Why I Published First and Edited Later | The four things I did after I hit publish on my latest blog post. Why I chose to publish my content before I finished writing it. 

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