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All About Gallery Walls and Inspiration

Adobe Illustrator Create DIY Gallery walls Home Decor

This year I purchased my first home with my husband and we have slowly been renovating the whole house. It had been a rental for several years before it became ours which has meant that it was in need of some real TLC.

The first things we did was rip out all the carpets (the previous tenants were smokers and had 5 kids), patched the ever so many holes in the walls and are currently repainting the whole house. We chose neutral colours for the carpet and wall paint, so that we could change our decor as we settled into the house and found our style.

Now that a majority of the house has been painted we truly have a blank canvas to start with. The house is very much still a work in progress, but there are a few spaces we want to start putting our personal touches on.

After a recent trip to Ikea where we walked out buying a great many things we didn’t go there for (doesn’t everyone), I was dreaming up gallery walls for almost every wall of the house.
I can't help it I just love a good creative ideas brain storming session.

So with my trusty Adobe Illustrator and the internet for ideas I was off creating all the ideas. However, since I don't have all the wall space nor all the dollars for every one of these ideas, I thought I would go ahead and share my ideas with you lovely people.

What Makes a Gallery Wall

You might be wondering what is a gallery wall? A gallery wall can simply be defined as a collection of items displayed on a wall. A collection of items can include, photographs, framed art, paintings, canvas, stamps, macrame, wall hangings, memorabilia, plants, sculptures, mirrors and anything else you can hang or mount to a wall.

What should be included in a gallery wall, well that depends upon the space and the designer (aka you!)

Gallery Wall Themes, Ideas and Inspiration

Do gallery walls need a theme? My answer to that is yes and no. You can choose to hang an obviously themed gallery wall such as Modern Farmhouse, or you could decide to just display family photos, either way a theme is unavoidable. Think of a “theme” more like a starting point and a way to narrow down the endless possibilities for your gallery wall.

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Gallery Wall with Macrame Woven Wall hanging and Australian Flora and Fauna

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The theme of this layout was inspired by my sister-in-law who has just started doing macrame wall hangings as a hobby and also by my husband who loves native Australian flora and fauna.

Macrame and tapestry works have really started to make a comeback in popularity in 2020. If inspired to DIY your own macrame or tapestry wall hangings, there are plenty of books that teach the art of macrame.

Wall Art ideas

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All About Gallery walls and Inspiration to create amazing Wall art

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