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The Ultimate Life Hack You Need To Slay Your Resume

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Do you want to know how to slay your resume? Keep reading as I share the ultimate life hack that makes writing your resume easy.  I have recently experienced the daunting task of updating my resume. #milleniallifehack #slayyourresume #resumetemplates

Do you want to know how to slay your resume? Keep reading as I share the ultimate life hack that makes writing your resume easy.

I have recently experienced the daunting task of updating my resume. The challenge I faced was taking a teenage resume and transforming it into a professional twenty-nine year olds.

Truth be told until this point in my life, I have never really needed a resume.Yes, I'll admit that I have been extremely lucky in my working life thus far.

Story Time

My first job was an after-school job and I applied for that job with the high school resume that was written during B.C.T class. Which basically had my academic achievements and current grades. Which was fine, I got the job but I don't think it was the resume.

My second job I got through connection, a friend who also worked there, I never submitted a resume and was offered the job after a casual interview. 

My next job was straight out of high school and first my “real” job. This employment was the result of the one-week-work-experience with the company I had done during my senior high school years.

Apparently my knowledge of the programs used during that one week of work experience was enough to get offered the position straight out of high school. I never even applied, about a month after graduating I received a call and a job offer.

When I moved away for university I did update my resume but still using a very basic and old school style of resume. I applied for several jobs this time and eventually was offered two job positions on the same day. 

Many years later I am now a business owner with a staff operated store looking for job to expand my skills and create more cashflow for my investments.

So much has changed since I first wrote a resume. Looking back at my last resume saved to my computer, I cringe and think, "How did I get those jobs with that!"

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Update : I Got The Dream Job With This Resume Hack

Resume Make Over

Knowing that I needed to update not only the content, but also the style and format of my resume, had me searching for answers to the ultimate question. How to write a killer resume that employers want to read?

I knew I needed two things, first was a modern design resume template and second was the words employers speak and understand.

I had my employment titles and dates, I had my achievements but I had no idea how to write them using the language of employers.

I just kept staring at my list of employment history and dates thinking, "How? How do I write this professionally? And what did I do exactly in those previous employments that current employers want to know about?"

Cue Light Bulb Moment 💡

The work is already done, it’s already out there. I had already seen the words employers were looking for during my search through hundreds of job postings. 

The words were literally already written, employers have already written what they want to hear in the position available advertisement. Now all that was left to do was to reuse those words.

My Ultimate Life Hack | Resume Writing

Take the job title of your previous or current employment { example : Civil Drafter }. Next using the job search of your online job site of choice { mine was } and look for job listings for that role.

Find the top most professional job listings for that role and find the skills and requirements section of the posting. Copy and paste them into a Word or Pages document { seperate from your resume }.

Once you have done this for a number of listings for the same role of employment, { Civil Drafter, etc } sort through the list and select the skills that match your qualifications and competencies. Add those to your list of skills for the same position on your resume.

Repeat for all other employment positions you have held previously. Now all you have to do is do a little bit of editing as necessary, to ensure your resume is cohesive.

This has not only helped me remember the skills I acquired during my past employment, but also allowed me to write with words that employers want to read. I still had to edit and write my own career summary and skills, all the same this really helped kickstarted the process.

When you are ready to format your employment history and skills into a killer resume, you will need a resume template. You can use a free template (sometimes not the best option) or you can buy a professional and stylish template online.

Reasons Why You Need To Buy A Template

Saves Time
No need to start from scratch and learn new skills. A professional has already designed one better than you can.
A professional and stylish resume template will only enhance all the hard work you've already done. Don't let your hard work go to waste using a free template.
Stand Out From The Crowd
A profesional template has that extra element that will make your resume stand out from all the others. It says I take pride in my work and achievements and will take the same care in this position with your company.
Quite simply put, they are easy and efficient to use. You don't need to guess where to put your contact details and where to your qualifications. 

Resume Templates I Recommend

Modern Professional Resume Template Printables | Landed Design Studio | Makes writing a killer resume easy

📸 LandedDesignStudio on Etsy

On my search to writing my resume and this blog post for all you out there in the job hunting community, I found a professional resume templates design studio on Etsy that I love.

Liisa at LandedDesignStudio has some absolutely stunning and pin worthy resume templates in her store. 

If you are still looking for more help on how to write your resume I suggest buying one of her templates as she includes helpful tips in the templates. You can also find some really great writing tips by checking out her blog, which you can find a link to in her store information.


Modern Professional Resume Template | Landed Design Studio | Printable Resumes

📸 LandedDesignStudio on Etsy 

Update : I Got The Dream Job With This Resume Hack

I am so excited that my resume life hack has landed me such an amazing job. And I might add with the highest salary I have ever received in my working life!

I hope you have as much luck as I have with this easy method to writing a resume.


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