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Side Hustle Ebay Income Report - January 2017

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eBay Income Report January 2017 | Side Hustles | Making Money From Your Hobbies | Online Creative Business

Welcome to my first Side Hustle Ebay Income Report

Late last year I decided to try and work out how to earn a little extra income online. My first adventure in this whole side hustle movement was to try my hand at selling a product on eBay.

My hopes for my adventures in side hustling would be to earn an extra $1000+ a month that I could use to invest in shares or save for that all elusive house deposit.

Since I already work so many hours in my "Real Job" business I didn't want to use up too much of my precious down time.

I really wanted something I could do in the down times at work or spend an hour or so after hours to make it work. Luckily I had just the product and there's a market ready for it. Yay.

Why Am I Publishing My Tiny Side Hustle Income Reports?

I want to share this experience with you and maybe my experiences will help you in deciding whether or not you would like to pursue an online side hustle. So far my experiences have been happy ones and I am glad that I have tried it. 

Already I am looking into increasing my side hustle into different avenues. I would like to start another side hustle / product and sell on Etsy and this site.

I am still working out the details of these other ideas. But I am hopeful soon to share something new on this blog and on Etsy.

Update | 2018 | I have started my Etsy side hustle and have listed my printable planner and recipe products in my shop. I've been getting good use out of Photoshop and Illustrator this past 6 months.


Things I learnt this month

When relying on the eBay App on your phone to notify you of a purchase, make sure that the background app refresh setting is on! (This lesson has cost me, oops)

This tiny little setting was hidden in the phone settings. I had had all the notification settings turned on inside the eBay App.

I also had the notification settings in the phone turned on, but since the App wasn't refreshing in the background I wasn't notified until I opened the eBay App!

So thankfully only a day and a half had gone by when I found the order but I still had to pay express post by then because my reputation was on the line people! So for that order / sale I made a loss selling the item. But I learnt my lesson!

Something I tried this month to improve sales

In the first week back at my side hustle I noticed that the few listings that sold were purchased between 9pm and 11:30pm local time. Which makes sense since the target audience for this product is mums with young children.

So this tells me that mums have put the little ones to bed and can now get some organizing / shopping / mum time without the constant interruptions from their darlings.

Towards the end of this month I tried to add listings in this time between 9pm and 11:30pm to see if this would help keep my listings up where they can be seen by my audience during this time.

Did it work? 

Week One ( before the 9pm/11.30pm listing trial)

  • Monday - 1 sold
  • Tuesday - 1 sold
  • Thursday - 1 sold

Week Two (listing between 9pm/11:30pm Trial Started)

  • Tuesday - 2 sold
  • Thursday - 3 sold

Other Things I Tried

I also started updating and improving the look of the listings themselves. The things I focused on were formatting of the text in the description box, correcting typos, makings sure instructions were clear, updating the images to display free postage in the listings thumbnail, making sure that each listing had at least 2 images.

So How did I Do?

January Goals

My goals for this month were 

  • Achieve $100 in sales - Completed 
  • List 10 listing a week - Completed 
  • Order Business Cards - Failed 

These may seem like very small goals, however I started back at this side hustle project half way through January. The end of year craziness followed me through into 2017 so my eBay hustle took the back seat for a while longer than I intended. So January comprised of about 2 (active) weeks for this project.


October/ November 2016 Sales (first foray, testing the market)

$56 Sales through Ebay

$27 Sales Locally

Total $83

January - Sales  

eBay Sales January

eBay $187.50

Locally $12.50

Total Sales $200

The last 5 days of the month I wasn't able to put the effort I would have liked but I have been under the weather. I am hoping I can kick this cold and get straight back into this in February.


February Goals

  1. Try controlling the expenses - Ordering larger quantities to reduce the price per unit so that I can keep my prices competitive with other sellers.
  2. Adding in another larger size product - to help increase $ per listing
  3. Achieve $400 in Sales
  4. Order Business Cards.
  5. Display business Cards on the counter at work - to help increase local purchases this will help lower costs on delivery / postage.


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If you are interested in starting a handmade side hustle a good place to start would be opening an Etsy shop. While I encourage people to get their own site, Etsy is a great place to start and test the waters with your products. 

When you are ready to really build your handmade business I recommend getting your own site. Buy your domain as early as possible to secure your brand name.

However if you are serious about creating your handmade business you should read my post about starting your blog + Biz with shopify. I highly encourage you to establish your own website and build up your brand as early as possible.

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Ebay Income Report Side Hustle January 2017 | I Made $200 Side Hustling
Ebay Income Report Side Hustle January 2017 | I Made $200 Side Hustling
Ebay Income Report Side Hustle January 2017 | I Made $200 Side Hustling
Ebay Income Report Side Hustle January 2017 | I Made $200 Side Hustling
Ebay Income Report Side Hustle January 2017 | I Made $200 Side Hustling


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