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Santa Sacks and Christmas Gift Bag Ideas


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Making Personalised Santa Sacks Christmas Gift Bags for the HolidaysThis year Christmas is going to be pretty exciting for me because FINALLY my family are coming to visit me for the holidays. I live a fair distance from my family, just over 700 kilometres actually.

So considering how rarely they come to visit I wanted to make a few special presents for the niece and nephews.

I have been slowing getting myself back into doing things I enjoy. Slowly I've started sewing, crafting, designing, making and just being a little more creative with my time.

Growing up we each had a Santa sack that would lay at the foot of our beds Christmas Eve and by morning Santa would have filled those sacks full of gifts that we could play with until our parents woke up and took us to the beach.

My childhood Santa sack was a Christmas printed pillow case and it was magical the amount of gifts that it could hold. This year with four nephews and a brand new niece coming for Christmas I wanted to make personalised Santa sacks that they could use year after year like we did growing up.

I looked into using a circuit to personalise but then decided printing my designs using Spoonflower was more my style.

So I went looking on Etsy for Christmas Design Digital Paper and found an amazing FREE offering from NinaNinaCraft and it was the style that I was looking for, fun, modern soft colour combination (not the old tired stark green and red) with enough variety of pattern combos so that each one of the littles get's their own print.

Once I had my NinaNinaCraft Seamless repeating Digital paper (seriously thank you!) I could start drawing up the bag and putting on each littles name.

I use Adobe Illustrator because I love it and prefer it than other programs.

I drew my designs 53x91cm using the rectangle tool then filled it with the seamless repeating pattern. Then I used ellipse tool filled with white and lowered opacity to 70% so that the pattern could still show through and the text could stand out and not get lost in the background. I made the art board in Illustrator 107cm which is the printable width for cotton poplin on The height for the first set of bags was 1 metre.

How to make personalised Santa sacks and gift bags for the holidays

I decided I wanted different colours for each little ones names and I wanted a ribbon tie to draw the sack closed. I got some extra fabric for the back and lining of the Santa sacks from my local Spotlight store.

I used the button hole foot on my sewing machine for the first time with this project and added 2 on the front of the bags for the ribbons to tie in a bow. I did my best to colour match the thread for the button holes to the printed design as I don't want the button holes to be a feature of the bag

I overlocked the front and back outer fabrics down one long edge (right sides together)

Then overlocked the lining and outer fabrics right sides together along the top edge of the sack.

Folding the sack right sides together in half and overlock the bottom of the sack and the long side of the outer and lining fabrics.

Turned the bag right side out, overlocked the bottom of the lining, pushed out the corners.

Added a row of stitching 4 cm from the top of the bag to create a channel between the lining and the outer fabric.

Fed the ribbon through one of the button holes into the channel, around the bag and back out the other button hole. Bag is finished and ready for presents this Christmas.

I'm pretty happy with how they turned out and I think the littles will love them or at least the present inside them on Christmas Day.  

If I were to do it again, I would probably print the front and back pieces side by side so I wouldn't need an extra side seem but it's not a big deal. I would also probably try and make the bag slightly wider and a smidge shorter but again I think they will get some good use.

I'm still looking for some larger Christmas beads to add to the end of the ribbons to help with the ribbon not accidentally getting pulled back into the ribbon channel.

Want inspiration for your own Santa sacks or want to support a handmade business you should check out the different Santa Sack designs on Etsy 


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