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My First And Second Thousand Dollar Savings Challenge

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My Thousand Dollars Savings Challenge

I am excited to share with you that I have just completed my second thousand dollars challenge. I started my thousand dollar challenges in July/August last year with the aim to save $50,000. I had finished digging my way out of some pretty scary credit card debit and I was looking to reward myself by investing in myself financially.

For my first thousand, I used $1000 of my savings and bought some dividend producing shares. I have always been natural saver, I simply don't feel comfortable unless I have a healthy savings account.

While I was taught to save money as a child, no one ever taught me what I should do with it once I had saved it. Instead they taught me what I could do with it and that was to spend it on something I wanted.

Ten years after I had entered the work force, I had now read some books that gave me a purpose to savings (other than making me feel comfortable and buying stuff). Give your money a job, make your money work for you so that you don't have to. I have a mission, become a money boss and give my money purpose.

The Books That Inspired Me To Start This Savings Challenge

I love to read personal + financial growth books, the stories to keep me inspired and working towards reaching my own goals. The following books are ones that I love and recommend if you are looking for some inspiration.

Rich Dad Poor Dad | #Girlboss | The Richest Man In Babylon | The $100 Startup

I have several more financial inspired books on my To Be Read list but these are my current favourites.

How I Saved My Second Thousand Dollars 

I created a "My Thousand Dollars" savings account and set up my direct transfer of $20 each pay day to this account. At this rate I would achieve a thousand dollars every every twelve months. 

This savings account is completely separate to my regular savings account and the money in the challenge account had a very specific job. The money from these challenges is to be used to create or buy passive income producing investments.

My aim with the challenges is to create a thousand dollars without sacrificing my current standard of living to invest. Along with the $20 from my wages, I would contribute loose change, refund and reimbursement money, extra money earned from outside of my wage and money that was gifted to me.

It took me a while to get my second thousand dollars, because other than my weekly savings, I hadn't really done anything to accelerate the process. My slow savings of just transferring $20 each week on payday to my shares account would give me $1040 a year towards investing if I did nothing else.

A thousand dollars a year was better than anything I had been doing previously. But now that I knew what I wanted to do with my money, I had to do all I could to reach my money goals that much sooner.

How Did I Save My Second Thousand Dollars In Less Than A Year?

Well I finally did something different and found another way to add some extra dollars to the project. I found easy ways to make extra income online and started my first side business. I was officially earning money online side hustling! How very millennial of me.

I always aim to create each of my thousand dollars, without sacrificing my current standard of living { there will be no living below my means* }. This way I am living a life that I enjoy while I build up my savings and investments.

*Note : I truly believe that everyone should live within their means but that no one should live below their means

The Thousand Dollar Breakdown

$105.25 - Dividends from new and previous shares purchases

$560 - Slow savings ($20 deposits) from my wage

$144.75 - Extra Misc. contributions from my wage

$230 - eBay sales

Total dollars = $1040

Total Time = 188 days / 27 weeks / 6 months

It took me only six months to do a years worth of slow savings {cha-ching}. My next goal for my thousand dollar challenge, is to complete it in less than six months. With every thousand dollar challenge completed I will get one thousand closer to saving $50,000.

I loved getting the extra help from the dividends, it made reaching my goal just that little bit easier. Growing my dividend contributions to a thousand dollars, would sure make it easier to reach a thousand dollars multiple times a year.

Goals For My Third

  • Achieve my next thousand in less than six months
  • Grow my eBay sales contribution
  • Keep looking for other ways to add to it.
  • Find a really good "Why" - Something I could create an image for my vision board or keep in my wallet id pocket. 

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Pin This PostMy Thousand Dollars Savings Challenge | How I Saved My First and Second Thousand Dollars | How I was able to save money fast earning extra income online #thousanddollarsavingschallenge #savingschallenge #extraincomeideas #moneyboss #earnonline

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