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The Adventures of My First Side Hustle

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My First Side Hustle eBay Income Report

So I recently decided to side hustle. I have been thinking about this whole side hustle thing for a while now but just hadn't had the guts to start. I'm also kept quite busy with my "real" business. But the idea of multiple income streams is something that I am constantly thinking about.

The freedom that comes from not relying on one single stream of income to survive drives me constantly to achieve this for myself. So since I've never side hustled I had to work out how to do it.

The first step for me was deciding on a side hustle.

Deciding to start an eBay Side hustle

Deciding on what my side hustle eBay business was going to be I needed to determine what limits and goals I wanted to achieve out of this adventure.

  • It needed to be something that didn't take up too much of my time or money to start up. Since I'm already putting so much time and money into my first business I don't really have much left to give to something new.
  • It needed to be something I could start small and start now. If I couldn't start small and now I would end up putting it off and never do it.
  • It needed to be something that could grow from small to big if I chose to make it bigger.

Why did I choose this for my first eBay side hustle adventure? 

  • I already had the necessary equipment, because I use it for my first business.
  • Minimal time and money was spent to start since I already had equipment and designs.
  • I could start right away, everything was on hand. I could list and print during the quiet times at work.
  • I could expand my designs and products as I went.
  • There's a market for it in my home town. And I know my target audience (mum's, diy, crafty, makers)
  • And the equipment takes up a fair amount of space of my little kiosk so I think it is time to earn it's bench space.

Looking For Your First Side Hustle Adventure?

If you are interested in starting a handmade side hustle a good place to start would be opening an Etsy shop. While I encourage people to get their own site, Etsy is a great place to start and test the waters with your products. 

When you are ready to really build your handmade business I recommend getting your own site. Buy your domain as early as possible to secure your brand name.

When you are ready to create your own site I recommend shopify. I have written a how to guide to help you get started

So, how has my first foray into side hustling?

In the first 60 days I sold $56 worth of products through eBay and $27 locally. 

I let things get quiet over christmas due to my job, but now I am back at it and I am determined to make my first $1000 side hustling. I cannot wait to see where this journey takes me.

My goals for the rest of January (two weeks) are

  • List ten listings a week
  • Reach $100 in sales for the month
  • Order and distribute business cards for my side hustle locally


My First Side Hustle eBay Income Report


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My First Side Hustle eBay Income Report
My First Side Hustle eBay Income Report
My First Side Hustle eBay Income Report
My First Side Hustle eBay Income Report
My First Side Hustle eBay Income Report 

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