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Monthly Blog + Goals Report | December 2017 + January 2018

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Monthly Blog and Goals Report January 2018 | Creative Small Business | Blogging | Online Income | Etsy | Planner Printables | DIY | Crafts

Welcome to the first blog and goals report for 2018. The holiday season is always a whirlwind of activity.

I can’t believe that the first month of the year has already come to an end. I am still exploring and learning new skills and ideas when it comes to my blog, financial and creative goals. Something I have really enjoyed learning is how to relax and just let things take the necessary time to happen.

Lets get started with the December and January Blog and Goals Review

December Goals

Write More Creative Tutorial blog posts.

I would love to help other people find and develop their creativity and maybe even develop their design skills to grow their business.

I think this is a much better path for me than trying to blog about blogging since there are so many others out there already doing it and doing it better.

Ongoing. I didn’t actually get to post or write as much as I thought I would in December. I was just way too hot to be in my office during the day and the season just has so much going on that the blog got pushed to the side.

January I published two more posts that were focused on a more creative tutorial style post. I still want to edit these a bit more and add more details to them before I am happy with them.

Plan My Blog Growth.

I want to sit down and write out a step by step plan for growing my traffic and stick to it. I spend too much time chasing my tail thinking, did I share this post? have I shared it enough? Too much? Did I share it here? Or was it somewhere else I shared it? Should I find more group boards? should I sign up for tailwind? should I find tailwind tribes to join? Have I missed every single FB Group share my post opportunity?

Not Yet. I still haven’t worked out my strategy for this yet. I actually did purchase tailwind and have been using it for a month now. I am still stuck trying to figure out what I should be doing first. Which comes first, creating products, creating content, promoting existing product and content? I am still doing a little bit of each and just chipping away at the gigantic task I have set before me.

Affiliate Income.

Reach the $100 minimum for payments.

Adobe Creative Cloud I will focus on sharing with you many new tutorials on how to use Photoshop, Illustrator and even Acrobat Pro to help you with your creative business endeavours. And in doing so I hope to show you just how invaluable these programs can be.

Not Yet. I have posted a few more creative style blog posts but there are a number of things I would like to add to improve these posts. Such things I would like to include is screen capture videos to really guide readers through the steps of these tutorials.

December + January Posts

Monthly Blog + Goals Report | November 2017

The Family Cookbook Project - Part Two

How to Create Motivational Phone Wallpapers

Family Heirloom Cookbook Repurposed A5 Planner

Creative Goals

Photoshop + Illustrator

I have spent a fair amount of time over the past two months getting more familiar with both of these programs. It has been so good to get back in touch with my creative side. I am particularly happy with how much progress I have made with my recipe book project.

Etsy Shop | Printables

I have been listing my planner divider printables and my recipe book printables here on my website and on Etsy. The reason I opened an Etsy shop as well as my web shop is to get some more insight into whether or not people would be interested in what I was creating.

While I don’t plan to build my business on Etsy, I did think it would be a good place to test out my shops products.

Since my website is so new and doesn’t have the type of traffic that more established marketplaces have, I couldn’t rely on my website “sales” to be an indicator of a bad product. 

I didn’t want to waste my time and efforts creating products I love but wouldn’t sell, I wanted to know if I was creating something people wanted. 

I have listed 12 products for sale since December and have made 3 sales through Etsy. This has been encouraging and a nice little boost to my self confidence.

I hope to continue creating more products and variations of my products to test out whether this could be grown into a profitable side hustle.

I would like to document this Etsy Experiment the same way I did when I was on my eBay Side hustle journey. One of the reasons I stopped my eBay Side Hustle journey was because I wasn’t creating my own product. 

I was also shipping a product that damaged easily and didn’t have enough perceived value to cover express/registered post. This meant, that customers weren’t willing to pay to receive their products quickly and safely (as they wanted) and I was unable to track whether their parcels arrived when they claimed they hadn’t.

While I always did my best and received many good customers / reviews, I wanted something different.

I am happy to say that I have already made 3 sales of my printables on etsy, I even got a lovely 5 star review from one of the sales.

It seems like most people don't leave reviews for each purchase on etsy. I would like to look into seeing how I can increase the possibility of customers leaving reviews.

Thousand Dollar Project

I did not manage to complete my Eleventh Thousand Dollars before Christmas. I did how ever reach half way on my thousand dollar journey.

And now that I have a new side hustle journey started with my printables on Etsy I hope to be able to reach my Eleventh Thousand soon.

My yearly goal for this project would be to complete 5 challenges this year. Which works out to completing a challenge approximately every 2 and half months.

Blog News

Pinterest Average Monthly Viewers

31,431 January 2018
13,412 December 2017
14,909 November 2017
4,941 October 2017
3,852  September 2017
2,916  August 2017


I am now on three group boards and have pinned to them a few times over the months. I am still very intimidated to pinning in group boards but I hope the more content I create the more I will be able to confidently pin to these group boards.

I have been using tailwind for about a month along with manual pinning. I definitely would like to find a easy system for my pinning that I can stick to but at the moment I am just winging it.

Website Page Views

951 January 2018
617 December 2017
388 November 2017
334 October 2017
635 September 2017
372 August 2017


I have definitely seen some increase in page views since actively promoting content on Pinterest. I would love to see what the next month brings when I start participating in my FB Groups again. 

February Goals

Create New Products | Double My Etsy Sales

February is looking to be a pretty good month I hope to finish creating a few more printables to add to my shop and my Etsy store.

Get A Job

I hope to start a new job which would definitely help with our cashflow and financial goals. Currently my first business is staff run and I am finally caught up on the paperwork for now.

I would love to spend more time building up content for my website and creating new products to sell online but these things aren't ready to pay the bills.

So this adventure will have to stay as a side adventure until I reach the point of sustainability.

Publish 3 Blog Posts

I have a few blog posts in rough draft which I hope to finish up and hit publish.


I want to join as many Pinterest group boards as I can this month and I hope to create my own group boards.

I will be testing out a few methods to see if I can grow my pins and blog more. This month was my biggest month yet for website page views and I want to see that double soon.

Pin This PostMonthly Blog and Goals Report January 2018 | How I earned $23 online selling digital products | Creative Small Business | Blogging | Online Income | Etsy | Planner Printables | DIY | Crafts

Final Thoughts

Thanks for reading my progress reports, I hope you found something interesting in my journey to living and working creatively.


Monthly Blog and Goals Report January 2018 | Building a Creative blog and online business | The Journey So Far | Making money online | Creative Small Business | Blogging


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