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Monthly Goals Report - August 2017

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Monthly Blog And Goals Report August 2017 | Building a Creative Blog and Online Business

Last month I set my yearly goals and reflected on the year that had gone by. You can read all about my goals for the year ahead here.

I made some goals for the month of August to hopefully get me closer to my yearly goals. If I am honest I think I had a few too many goals. I didn’t really have a focus for the month of August I just tried to do bits of everything. My biggest mistake this month was not having a singular focus.

August was an insane month, we had the Royal Queensland Show better known as The Ekka, a number of weekend trips to see family and friends, my birthday, getting sick and we decided it was definitely time for us to move house.

I feel like every time I decide that this is the month that I start taking this blog seriously life decides to throw me curveballs. I would like to think that this is life testing me to see if I am serious about making my income online.

Dear Life,
I am serious, and I am going to help others do the same.


Monthly Goals Report for August 2017

Blogging Goals

Write. Edit. Link. Pin. At least two blog posts this month. Completed.

It wasn't until the end half of the month that I actually was able to complete this goal. Mid month I was thinking, how am I going to get this goal done? Maybe I could include the original post that I wrote the goal in as one of the post. 

At first I was having a hard time figuring out what post would come after my goals post. I suppose I was thinking of blog entries like chapters in a book, where each new chapter picked up where the last one ended.

Eventually I realised that this really isn't the case with blogs. Rarely does a reader start at the very first blog post and read all of them in sequence. So this gave me the freedom to just start anywhere.

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I also went back and edited a number of older posts, added in new links and created new images that should do better on Pinterest. I still need to spend a bit of time this month creating a number of pin worthy images for all my posts.

I worked on creating boards and pinning new content both from my site and other sites. I have received good results from my efforts so far. Towards the end of the month I hid a lot of my old boards and I am trying to create boards that match with my website.

I read so many blog posts on how to make the most out of Pinterest. I tried my hand at making different pin worthy images. It is so exciting to see a pin you create that links to your website get views, clicks and saves.

I know my figures are guppies in comparison to the big fish out there but it’s a start and I’m enjoying the process.

This month I took a great big leap of faith and purchased the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course from Michelle over at
Create an Excel spreadsheet with blog post ideas, category and progress details. Completed.
I am still working out my direction with this blog. I am learning a lot through trial and error. I am finding it challenging to work out what my audience wants to read since my blog is so new I don’t even have an audience yet.

I can't say that I have really put the spreadsheet to good use yet, but I'm hoping it becomes a little more useful as time goes by. 
Create and list 5 new products for the shop. Semi-Completed.
I have nine listings in my shop. I created variations of my financial travellers’ notebook insert bundles. These inserts have been very helpful to me on my journey to becoming a #MoneyBoss.

You can read about how I used two of those inserts to save $8000 and pay off $2000 of credit. 

I will be going to a planners market this month here in Brisbane. The first time I went to one of these markets, I was a complete newbie and I got really overwhelmed by everything. (aka read - I had an anxiety attack!)  

I have found listing products in my shop with the shopify system to be really easy to master. I just wish I had created a few more products already. I'll keep working at it, and eventually I will fill my shop.

If you would like to start selling your crafts and/or make money from your hobby online I recommend shopify. You can get a free 14 day trial here. Having your own website helps you to build your own brand and maybe you could turn your hobby into a business.

Financial Goals

Sell 20 listing on eBay. Failed. However not for lack of trying.

This is the problem with using a marketplace website like this. They control your shop. I had a small issue at the beginning of the month and now it seems that eBay has limited my visibility in the search results. I have still managed to process 14 listings this month, but not what I was expecting. I really thought I was aiming low with 20 sold listings for this months goal. 

I don't think I will continue to build my eBay "business" moving forward. I will continue with it for a few more months but I feel by the end of the year I will be retiring it. The cost of an eBay shop + the fees just doesn't feel worth it to me anymore.

I feel my efforts will be of better use building my shop and blog here on 
Track any contributions to my thousand dollars challenge. Completed.

Contributions to my thousand dollar challenge this month were very small. There are many different things going on that it was hard to focus. This is something I will be focusing more of my energy on this month. 

I am hoping to get to a place with my thousand dollar challenges where I can complete one a month. This will require me to work at earning extra income outside of our pays.

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Creative Soul

Book a creative work-shop course. Failed. I would like to say that this was not completed because finances are tight, but the truth is I chickened out on this one.  
Instead I chose to join the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course by Michelle. I have been reading her blog for about a year now and I have watched her income reports go from $50,000 a month to over $100,000 a month.
If I could make back the cost of the course through affiliate marketing then I would think it worth it. If I could make $4000 a month online I will praise it. I'm looking forward to the next few months to see how this adventure will pan out.

Relationship Goals

Go on one dinner date, out of the house, dressed up, with my man. Completed.
Even better my man organised a surprise birthday brunch with my old university friends. It was amazing to catch up with them. I really need to make sure we see each other more often. I also need to not wait until my partner organises a girls date for me. 

Intellectual / Relaxation

Read one book of my choosing. Completed.

I read Mr Penumbra’s 24 – hour bookstore by Robin Sloan. It was interesting.

August Overall 

As you can see from above I did complete most goals to varying degrees of completeness. If I had no other responsibilities other than this blog adventure then sure these would have been easy goals to complete within a month.

The biggest challenge I am finding at the moment is that I am so damn new to absolutely everything (blogging / Pinterest / affiliates / social networking). While I have been using my planners for nearly two years, I am a complete newbie to the planner community and there is an overwhelming amount of systems/brands/styles to learn about.

Blog News and Lessons Learned

I am happy with the achievements and progress I have made during August. In one month I have learned more about the whole Blog + Business + Online Income than I have for the past 12 months. I guess that is what happens when you get serious and start investing in your education.

I managed to grow my pinterest views from 1.3k (28th July) to over 4.3k (28 August). I hid 90% of my old boards and only kept what worked with my brand here on I updated the boards cover photos with a "on brand" photo. 

I have learnt how to use the discount page of shopify to create specials for my customers.

I worked up the courage to invest in learning about affiliate marketing with Michelle’s Course. Something I hope will help grow my online income in the coming months.

I now have more than 10 posts on my website (finally) and many new post ideas to work on for this month.

I learned how to use the block quote feature in shopify. I saw it on other peoples blogs and I really wanted to know how to do it. Turns out it was really simple.

I wrote my very first comment on someone else's blog post and received a reply. I had never done that before. I am still waiting for my very first comment on this blog. 

Page views


I feel funny posting my page views for this website, they are just so small, yet at the same time kind of exciting! I mean people from other countries have been to my site, hopefully they liked it.

I also Google searched Nikita Rose and eventually found a search result that actually linked to my website, it was on the fourth page. I still think this is pretty good considering just how new my blog is and just how many people in the world have my name.


Top Posts This Month

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Printing Planner Printables


Pinterest Views



I am pretty happy with my progress since I’m a complete newbie on pinterest. I have read a few blogs on how to use pinterest and increase monthly views. It can feel overwhelming at times starting an online business there is just so much to learn.

September Goals

My aim for September will be to focus a little bit more. I always try to do everything all at once and back to front, but the mantra for this month is {I can do Anything, but not Everything.}

There is so much to learn with this blog / handmade business online adventure and it is difficult to decide where to start. I need to learn to focus and master each lesson learned before bouncing off to the next thing.

This month I will focus on Posts and Pinterest. These are the things that seem like a good enough place for me to start. I want to have enough content to make use of Michelle’s Affiliate course.

Blogging Goals

Grow my pinterest views from 3k to 5k. I will continue to create new pins for my blog posts, pin useful and popular pins from pinterest to my boards. Continue to improve my boards and pins with better titles and descriptions.

I will create new blog related boards. Since I have removed so many "off brand" boards I am down to only 16 visible boards on my account.

Write, Edit, Link and Pin two new blog posts. I am very new to blogging and have to admit that I have struggled to post new blogs. I would love to know what kind of posts readers would get value out of.

I am going to a planners market in September, so hope to write about my experiences from the day. The first time I went to a planners market, it was extremely overwhelming (I was so new to it all). Hopefully this time I will be able to enjoy it a little better now that I know a few more things about the planner community.

 Continue to work through the lessons in Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. I know my blog is a complete baby, I mean look at those page views, but I am hoping that this will actually be of benefit. I can only imagine having to go back through years worth posts and update them with the lessons from Michelle’s course.

So my intention is to (hopefully) get most of it right the first time round. It might take me a little bit longer to see results than those who already have established blogs and audiences, but I have to start where I am.

Financial Goals

Reach my ninth thousand dollars. I have really struggled with coming up with my ninth thousand dollars. I have so many other things occupying my mind that I tend to push this to the back of the line. I really want to make this a priority this month.

My thousand dollar savings challenge is about seeing how little things can grow into big things. Small investments done consistently and continuously can create great wealth. Stop worrying about how long it will take and just start with the smallest task and when it's done move on to the next.


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Blog Goals Report August 2017 Newbie Blogger Setting Goals Lessons Learned Starting A Creative Blog and Online Business
Blog Goals Report August 2017 Newbie Blogger Setting Goals Lessons Learned Starting A Creative Blog and Online Business
Blog Goals Report August 2017 Newbie Blogger Setting Goals Lessons Learned Starting A Creative Blog and Online Business
Blog Goals Report August 2017 Newbie Blogger Setting Goals Lessons Learned Starting A Creative Blog and Online Business
Blog Goals Report August 2017 Newbie Blogger Setting Goals Lessons Learned Starting A Creative Blog and Online Business


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