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Monthly Blog + Goals Report | February 2018

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This post contains affiliate links. Please read my disclosure here for more information.The monthly blog and goals report of a creative lifestyle blog. Follow my journey to building a life and business filled with creativity and abundance.

I am so excited to share with you this months blog and goals report. February was a very exciting month filled with lots of little wins. I have made some real strides this month with my whole creative endeavour here on

I even managed to define my blogs mission statement this month. Nikita Rose is a blog that encourages and shares with others ways to build a life of creativity and abundance.

This month I worked on creating better blog posts, better blog images, spending more time promoting my own stuff and learning what content I like writing and what content readers were liking.

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February Goals Were

Create New Products | Double My Etsy Sales

{ nearly } I created a few additional products this month and listed them in the shop and on Etsy. I know I could have spent more time on creating products but I have so much going on I am definitely struggling to focus.

Between job hunting, managing my staff in my first business, writing posts, creating post graphics, promoting posts, housework and general life things, I haven't had a chance to stop and create an action plan.

Despite being very scatterbrained and unfocused in February I did manage to make three sales. I am starting to see a pattern in the types of listings that people are purchasing and will take these notes into account when creating new products moving forward.

Get A Job

{ in progress } I am in the final stages of an interview process for a potentially amazing work-from-home position with a really awesome company.

I can really see this as a dream job situation and I am really hopeful I will land this job.

Publish 3 Blog Posts

{ completed ! } I am so excited to share that I not only published four blog posts this month but that one of them was share over 300 times on Pinterest. That's three times the amount of pins I had previously receive on my highest pinned posts.

When I wrote the post The Ultimate Life Hack You Need To Slay Your Resume, I had just been through the overwhelming task of detailing my employment history to update my own resume.

Job hunting is not easy so when I found a way to make part of the process easier, I wanted to share it.

Pinterest | Join Group Boards | Pinning Method Testing

{ completed } Well happy to report I join a fair few group boards this month. I am not sure if they will be worth it, but I will give them a month or two and if I don't see any benefits I can just leave them.

I tried a number of methods this month on Pinterest and I am set to start a Pinterest strategy for the entire month of March to see if it is the path for me.

This month I reduced the number of people I am following, tidied up some boards looked at what I was pinning and where I could improve pins/boards.

Next month I will have a written out Pinterest strategy to adhere to so I have a clear idea of what I tried, what worked and what didn't.

Blog News

Pinterest Average Monthly Viewers

63,629 February 2018
31,431 January 2018
13,412 December 2017
14,909 November 2017
4,941 October 2017
3,852  September 2017
2,916  August 2017 

This month I spent a fair chunk of time researching and compiling a list of Pinterest tips and strategies to try. I am writing out an action plan for the month of March so I know exactly what I am doing on Pinterest. 

I hope this will help reduce the amount of time I spend on there making the process much more efficient.

Website Page Views

1,320 February 2018
951 January 2018
617 December 2017
388 November 2017
334 October 2017
635 September 2017
372 August 2017

I will be focusing my efforts on creating new content and optimising it for Pinterest and SEO for google for the month of March.

I am really not getting a whole lot out of FB groups, I rarely get a response in the groups that I am in, I am not sure if it's because of the time difference and my posts just aren't being seen or people are not interested in my posts/topics. 

I tried connecting with others in these groups by responding to their posts but I am just not feeling a connect.

I would really like to find groups a little closer to home and that share more of the same interests.

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Pin This PostThe monthly blog and goals report of a creative lifestyle blog. Follow my journey to building a life and business filled with creativity and abundance.

Final Thoughts

I have done a lot of research this month and I am looking forward to testing out new tips to improve my blog posts, website, shops and creative businesses.

Thanks for reading my progress reports, I hope you found something interesting in my journey to living and working creatively.

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My Favourite Affiliate Programs

Adobe Creative Cloud I have been using Photoshop for over 10 years now and I have just started learning Illustrator. I have both Photoshop and Illustrator CS5 versions that I am using for the moment. 

I love the endless creative possibilities these programs provide me and I will be sharing more creative tutorials with you so you can see for yourself the amazingness that is Adobe Creative Cloud.

The Book Depository I love this site, I have been buying my books from the book depository for about 8 years now. I hardly ever buy books any other way, partly because most book stores in my area have closed down and partly because free shipping (and I am slightly antisocial) 

Shopify is the reason you are able to read this post. I am loving being able to start a blog and shop in one. I still have plenty to learn about online business and the art of blogging but shopify has made the process so easy for me to learn and grow.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing I don't think I would have had the courage to apply to affiliate programs for my favourite businesses and services if I hadn't taken this course.

I am still working on implementing all the tips that this course offers. It has taken me a while to work out how use her methods for affiliate links without blogging about blogging. 


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