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Gift Guide For The Work At Home Creative

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Today I wanted to share with you my absolute favourite creative tools for the work at home creative (or soon to be). Giving the gift of creativity is the most amazing gift anyone can give another. When I am not creating I am not living, my soul needs to create to live.

These gifts will help to inspire and grow the creative soul in your life. I have enjoyed many of the items on this list, I have also included some of my own wish list items that I would love to receive as a gift.

Ultimate Gift Guide For The Work At Home Creative

This post contains affiliate links. Please read my disclosure here for more information. 

Gift Guide For The Work At Home Creative

Adobe Creative Cloud


Photoshop is such a powerful creative tool and can be used in a wide variety of home based creative ventures. Whether you are a photographer, artist, planner, textile designer or blogger Photoshop is the best photo editing tool for you.

Photoshop Creative Cloud subscriptions start from less than $15 a month. Considering just how much value you can get out of photoshop this is an amazing deal.


Prefer to work with vectors? Illustrator is becoming my second most used program with my new creative endeavours. I have recently begun using illustrator to design patterns and planner accessories for my creative business and honestly I'm in love.

I am really looking forward to learning so much more about this program and to see how I can use it to grow my business.

Adobe Acrobat Pro

I few weeks ago I downloaded the free trial of Adobe Acrobat Pro to test out making text editable printables for my planner dividers. I have now purchased the year subscription. I plan to use this in both creating my printables and as a way to better serve customers with easy to fill out forms for custom orders.
I would love a neat and tidy way of collecting the required details from customers. I believe by creating product specific forms I will be able to better serve my customers. A win-win for all.

Books, Books, Books

Creative Lettering and Beyond 

Creative Lettering and Beyond

I would love to improve my handwriting and learn how to create my fonts and this looks like an amazing read on the subject. I have already started playing around with hand written vectors in illustrator. I know that creating my own font is a goal of mine for 2018.


Creative Colour Therapy Books

The Art of Mindfulness Peace and Calm

Get your creative juices pumping with some good old fashioned colouring in books. Is there anything more satisfying than an afternoon spent colouring in and sipping tea?

I already have the above book and I love spending time colouring in the spaces learning to relax and enjoy the little things again.


Big Magic

Big Magic

While I didn't think much of the authors other book eat pray love, I still have this one on my wish list of books to read. I would love to focus on cultivating my creativity and my passion for life in 2018 and I will be devouring anything that can help me reach creative bliss.




I highly recommend this book to any creative soul looking to follow their passion and start a business with it. I gave my copy to a friend and I haven't yet had the chance to pick it up. I would love to read this one again I might even repurchase a new copy to read.


Creative Inc

Creative, Inc.

I have only recently added this one to my reading wish list. Since starting my creative business journey I know I have lots to learn and I cannot absorb enough. 


iMac Apple Computer

I absolutely love using my iMac to work on my creative hobbies and business. I really enjoy the much larger screen compared to my old laptop, it really makes working creatively so much more enjoyable. 

I just love the extra space on my desk to write in my planner and sketch out a design idea on paper.  


Now that your creative soul has been inspired by some new creative tools time to show the world what you can do. If your share your creativity and skills with others by either starting a blog to share your projects or opening an online store to sell you creative designs.

I am so glad I chose Shopify to start my creative journey with. I love their services and how professional their site designs are. 

Final Thoughts

Well, there are my gift suggestions for the creative person in your life, I hope that this post has given you some ideas. I am looking forward to having a very merry and creative Christmas this year. I hope you do too.


I would love to hear what creative gifts you have on your wish list this year. Leave a comment below.


Gift Guide For The Work At Home Creative
Gift Guide For The Work At Home Creative
Gift Guide For The Work At Home Creative
Gift Guide For The Work At Home Creative
Gift Guide For The Work At Home Creative


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