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Get Customers Spending With Discount Codes

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How to create discount codes in Shopify to encourage customer spending.

I have recently decided to create my online shop and blog space to rediscover my joy of paper crafts, planning and financial goals. It is also really important to me to help others discover and share their passions with the world. 

I love the makers, crafters and artists of the world and I love that the Internet has opened up a world of possibility for us to connect.
As a new blogger and handmade business it can pretty exciting and overwhelming all at the same time. Since starting my journey here on I have been doing a lot of trial and error. I have read countless blog posts that have helped me learn many new things already.

Get Customers Spending with Discount codes. Reward your followers.

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure here for more information. 

What I've Learned  

I would like to share what I have recently learnt about creating discount vouchers and why you would want to use them. I use shopify for my blog and shop and absolutely love it.
If you have signed up to shopify (if not here is the link to your 14 day free trial), stocked your online shop with your amazing handmade creations, written your first blog post and created your social media platform accounts. Now what?
How do you make your first sale? You’ve told instagrammers to click the link in your bio. You’ve shared your product links on Pinterest. Why haven’t you received a sale?
If your site and business is very new like mine it could just mean that it will take a while for your ideal customers to find you. Once they do find you they might need a reason (other than you think your product is really cool) to make the purchase.
While you know you have done a lot of work already to get the site up and running nobody but you can see that. The first few months you will need to be very consistent updating people on your chosen social media outlets.
Show them that you are professional and most of all show them you care about them. One way to show you care about your followers and potential clients is to offer discount codes specifically for your social media followers.
If you have followed any handmade small businesses on a social platform you would have noticed they usually have a discount code in their bio just above the link to their shop. This discount code is usually social platform specific. What I mean by that is the discount code is usually something like the following – INSTA10 or INSTAFRIEND10.
INSTA referring to the social platform it is on (Instagram), FRIEND refers to how you consider your followers on the social platform and the number 10 referring to the percentage of discount the customer can expect to receive should they use this code during check out.
Using discount codes is a great way to encourage sales. Everyone likes a discount, heck my partner won’t order pizza without spending 10 minutes searching for the best discount code to use.

So lets create our first discount code with shopify

First you’ll need to work out what type of discount code you want to use. There are a number of ways to use discount codes.
Percentage discount codes for specific social platform followers and general discount codes. This encourages followers to become new customers and hesitant purchases to make the buy.
Discounts over a set price. This is the online version of the upsell. Customers get a discount if they spend over $X. This helps to increase a customer average sale.
Time Limited discount codes. This is similar to retail shops 3-day sales. This type of discount code creates a sense of urgency.
Once you have decided which discount code will suit your need, you will need to log in to your shopify admin.

On the left hand side your will find shopify’s navigation bar and the Discount tab.

Shopify Discount page

Open the Discount tab and you will have a screen that will contain your various discount codes. At this point it will most likely be empty except for the Create Discount button. Click it.
You will now have a form to fill out for the name and type of discount code you want to create.
 Instafriend10 Discount code
Create your personalised discount code like INSTAFRIEND10 or click the generate code button to get a random set of letters and numbers. This will be the code you promote to potential customers so I suggest making it memorable.  

Choose your discount option.

Percentage will discount customers order by a specified per cent like 10%. You can also specify when this discount will apply such as over a certain purchase price such as $50.
Fixed Amount is a nominated dollar amount such as $10. For this type of discount I strongly suggest the minimum purchase amount be selected for this one.
Free shipping. This is the option I would use the least if I had physical products to ship, simply because having a shipping cost at check out is the number one reason customers abandon their carts. As a customer I am more likely to purchase {Product A} at $7 than {Product B} at $5 + $2 Shipping cost. Even though both product totals the same amount I would choose the product without shipping nine times out of ten.
  Ten Percent discount option
Lets create a 10% Discount code for instagram followers.
Discount code: INSTAFRIEND10
Discount type: Percentage
Discount value: 10

Creating your discount code the specifics
Applies to: Entire order
Customer Eligibility: Everyone
Usage Limits: None

Create you discount code the specifics
Active Dates: Immediately
End Date: None – this can be changed later if you choose to discontinue the instagram discount code.
Save, and there you have it. Your first discount code to share on instagram.
 Your first shopify discount code ready to use
For further reading please see shopify help centre here. I found their help centre to be very useful with setting up my store and learning how to use various features.


Get Customers Spending with Discount codes. Reward your followers.
Get Customers Spending with Discount codes. Reward your followers.
Get Customers Spending with Discount codes. Reward your followers.
Get Customers Spending with Discount codes. Reward your followers.
Get Customers Spending with Discount codes. Reward your followers.

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