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Favourite Aussie Planner Accessories

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Favourite Australian Planner Accessories Shops

Favourite Aussie Planner Accessories

I love creative small businesses and I love all things planners + accessories. I want to share a few of my favourite Aussie Creative Planner shops.


Geeky + Cute Amigurumi

This shop is all about the cuteness! With geeky vibes and original designs as well. I do like the Pumpkin Bunny Amigurumi Doll for halloween and the Aussie Koala Amigurumi Doll she currently has in her shop.

Geeky Cute Eevee amigurumi by AuriaK on Etsy

Eevee Amigurumi by AuriaK on Etsy

I have to confess that I am a Pokemon fan, love the tv show, played the games and even still play Pokemon go. I especially love AuriaK's Eevee + eeveelutions amigurumi, I've wanted an Eevee plush toy for ages now but birthdays and Christmas just comes and goes and no Eevee plush has ever materialised - sigh might just have to go buy it myself!

I think these little guys are next on my list to acquire, I mean I can't plan without them right?

Geeky Cute Eeveelutions Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon amigurumi by AuriaK on Etsy

AuriaK on Etsy 



Sunflower Planner Stickers Kit - Stickers by Ashley K on Etsy

What Planner Addict doesn't love stickers, am I right? These designs are just beautiful. The Sunflower Sticker Kits are just the gorgeous ray of golden light that everyone needs in their lives. The Autumn Sticker Kit she has in store gives me the warm-all-over and fuzzy vibes that makes autumn so snuggly!

Autumn Planner Stickers Kits - Stickers by Ashley K on Etsy



Planner Clips, Accessories and More!

Fluffy Fur Bow Clip Little Tabby Co on Etsy

Fluffy Black Fur Bow Charm by LittleTabbyCo on Etsy

This shop has so many beautiful bows it's hard to pick a favourite! I have to say I quite adore this Fluffy Black Fur Bow Charm she has listed. The Floral Ribbon Bow Clips will also go nicely in my planners. 

Floral Ribbon Bow Clips Little Tabby Co on Etsy

Floral Ribbon Bow Clips by LittleTabbyCo on Etsy

Fox and Cactus

Original Hand Drawn Stationery + more!

Halloween Ghost Cutie with a Bootie Enamel Pin by Fox and Cactus on Etsy

Cutie with a Booty Enamel Pin by Fox and Cactus on Etsy

Did I mention Planner Addicts love stickers? These guys have so many original designs plus they also stock some pretty sweet enamel pins. Everyone's got to love this cutie with a booty halloween ghost enamel pin, I mean how could you not?

So many stickers to choose from but today I think the needle and thread are calling my name.

Sewing Needle and Thread Crafting Sticker set by Fox and Cactus on Etsy

Needle and Thread Crafting Sticker set by Fox and Cactus on Etsy


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Aussie Planner Addicts Favourite Planner Accessories Shops

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