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Family Heirloom Cookbook Repurposed A5 Planner

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Repurposed A5 Planner Into a Family Heirloom Cookbook | Recipe Organisation | Recipe Printables | Organise Your Recipes for Your Whole Family | DIY Gift Ideas

How to repurpose a spare A5 planner into a family heirloom favourite recipe cookbook.

If you have been in the planner community for a while you probably already have more planners than you know what to do with. Because let's face it, we must have all the planners they are so pretty.

Just as many planners in the community struggle to find planner peace I have struggle to find cookbook recipe peace. I have come to the decision that it is possible that I need two recipe books to achieve the cookbook peace I have been searching for.

Book One - The Kitchen Book

This book would contain the recipes that are typed, clear and easy to read and protected from spills and mess. 

Book Two - The Keepsake Book

This would be the handwritten, heirloom recipe book to hand down to the next generation. This is the pretty, embellished with decorations and memories.

I will continue to work on finding cookbook peace, and share with you all the ways I have tried to achieve it.

As you may know, if you have read my previous posts - The Family Cookbook Project Part One and Part Two - I have been designing my own editable printables for my recipe collections. So far I have created a set of matching dividers, 2 recipes on 1 A5 page and 1 recipe + 1 photo on 1 A5 page.

During the testing stage of my printables, I used my A5 (Large) Kaiser Craft Planner and I was really happy with the results. I think that I might like this method for creating Cookbook One - The Kitchen Book.



  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • 200 gsm paper 
  • printer with ink 
  • metal ruler 
  • Stanley knife or scissors 
  • A5 Planner  of choice eg  Kikki K / Filofax / Kate Spade etc 
  • A5 Recipe Planner Printables 
  • A5 Planner Divider Printables 
  • Hole punch 
  • Miscellaneous supplies of your choice


Typed VS Handwritten

I personally love both options, typed recipes are easier to read when cooking but have no personal connection like the written hand does. 

I designed my recipe pages with both of these options in mind. I personally don't love my handwriting skills and could easily have a typed recipe collection and love it. But in saying that when I see a hand written recipe I get that warm happy feeling of connecting with the person who wrote it.

My printables have the option of typing in all or parts of the recipe and handwriting the rest. I also learnt how to add a photo option to the printable, so that you can print the page and photo as one instead of gluing in a photo. This eliminates the need for extra steps, supplies and reduces the bulkiness and the potential of warping pages.

80 GSM Paper VS 200 GSM Paper

I printed my test pages first on 80 GSM paper with the "Plain Paper - Standard Print" option for my printer. This option saves on ink, but really it doesn't give the best results. If I were to "save" on ink and print my pages with this option I wouldn't be happy with the finally product which would be an even bigger waste of my time and ink.

Next I did my test pages with 200 GSM paper using the "Matte Photo Paper - Standard Print" option. This option may use more ink but I think the results are well worth it.

Colour Coded Sections

I like to colour code my cookbook sections, I think it keeps things neat, tidy and pretty. I choose to use 5 tab dividers in 5 colours to divide my recipes into categories. This meant creating 5 colour variations for each page design more work on my end but I think you will agree well worth it.

The Five Sections


Side Dishes

  • vegetables
  • rice
  • salads
  • breads
  • finger foods    



    • jam
    • sauce
    • chutney
    • glaze
    • relish
    • gravy
    • dip

      Main Meals

      • Pork
      • Beef
      • Lamb
      • Chicken
      • Seafood
      • Pasta
      • Soups



      • Drinks
      • Recipes to try
      • Other






      • Cakes
      • Chocolates
      • Fruits
      • Tarts
      • Slices
      • Biscuits
      • Muffins


          Typed Method

          Find your favourite recipes and type directly into the printables or copy recipe ingredients and directions from your favourite websites.

          This could be a quick task or take up your weekend depending on if you have many recipes to type up or just need to copy and paste with a little bit of editing. 

          Handwritten Method

          Edit the printable to remove or alter any existing text to suit your preferences before printing. Decide how many copies of each colour you will want for you recipes. Remember to print double sided. 

          Gather your recipes and write out each recipe on the co-ordinating colour for its category. This may take some time to complete depending on the number of recipes you have. You could complete this part in an afternoon or choose to do it over the course of a winter.

          Printing Editable Recipe Pages

          To print your pages you will want to go up to File > Print.

          Choose the number of copies

          Select "actual size" to print.

          Open "page set up" to format the print options.

          Select your printer name from the drop down box beside Format for:

          Choose paper size : A4 (borderless)

          Next open Printer Options.

          Use the "Layout" drop down menu to open "Quality & Media" options to select Matte Paper Standard Printing.

          Next use the same drop down menu as before to select "Borderless Printing ". And make sure that the borderless printing option has the amount of extension on Min.

          Assemble and Love

          Cut each A4 in half to create your A5 pages. If you want to protect your finished recipe pages you can use clear contact or laminate them. 

          Use your hole punch and a template from your planner to punch the page holes.

          Assemble each colour into their divider sections (if you haven't written the recipes in yet now would be the time ) and enjoy.

          Now every time you want to add a new recipe you have a printable template that matches your recipe planner binder and you have something very close to cookbook peace.

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          How do you keep your recipes organised? Who would you make this gift for? Comment below I love to hear from you.

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