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Etsy Income Report - January 2018

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Etsy Income Report January 2018 | Side Hustle Income | Online Creative Business | Making Money From Your Hobbies

Hey Everyone! I'm back with the side hustle income reports and this time it's Etsy.

Why I've started an Etsy Side Hustle

Late last year I decided to stop my eBay side hustle, not because I wasn't making enough money but because I didn't feel like the product I was selling was really mine.

I have been designing my own printables for about a year now and I really wanted to open up my own online store here on the website (which I have done). I also knew I had a lot to learn about selling printables online and that I needed to the process by doing.

Since my website is brand new with little traffic and I am also new to social media marketing, new to writing content, new creating my printables for others, I knew I had a lot to learn.

Learning all of this and creating content and products takes a fair amount of time. I wanted to know if I was creating something people even wanted, I mean I know I wanted to create it and use it myself but did others?

So I decided to test out a few printables on Etsy to see if anyone would want them. I am still learning how to list printables, the best way to display them and how to market them, but thanks to Etsy Traffic I have made my first sales.

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December + January Goals

  • List my current printables on Etsy Completed
  • Sell my first printable Completed
  • Learn how to create images that sell Ongoing

December + January Sales

Total Sales ($) $23.26AUD
 Total Sales (No.) 3

December + January Expenses

PayPal -$1.74AUD
 Etsy -$7.69AUD

A note on the Etsy fees : These include the original listing fees of all items in my etsy shop so far. The total fees (Original listing fee + Transaction fee) just for the three sales would be approx. -$1.97AUD.


Shop 4
Listings 8

I also receive my first Review on one of the printables I sold. You have no idea how much these four little words made my day. I think I was smiling for 3 days about this. I can't wait to create more "great dividers" now. 

E.W. Jan 25, 2018

5 out of 5 stars

These are great dividers

Lessons Learned

Keep it Organised 
Tip number one, would definitely be keep your digital files organised. When working  with digital products it is very important to have an organised system so that working files and final product files are kept seperate and easily identifiable.
Create a workflow
I found that I was constantly stopping and starting and restarting somewhere else and it was really getting messy. I have products that aren't listed yet simply because I don't know where I am up to and I have started the process on another product instead.
Join Pinterest Group Boards
There are Pinterest group boards specifically for pinning your etsy products to and sharing other etsy sellers products. I can't wait to see the results from joining a few of these group boards. I am looking at starting my own group boards for certain things.

February Goals

List my Recipe Printable Kit. I've finished making all five colour variations (Aqua, Coral, Orange, Pink & Purple) for the Interlocking Circle Design Recipe Printable Kit A5

  • 2 recipes on 1 A5 page (2 A5 pages on 1 A4)
  • 1 recipe with 1 photo on 1 A5 page (2 A5 pages on 1 A4)
  • 1 recipe with 2 ingredients lists on 1 A5 page (2 A5 pages on 1 A4)
  • 1 Extra Notes/Directions on 1 A5 page (2 A5 pages on 1 A4)
  • 5 Tab Dividers

I just have to create some awesome images, write the listing and publish it, I'm so excited for this one I've worked pretty hard on getting it ready.

Double my sales. I would like to see me double my sales this month. I would like to grow my printable sales to increase my extra income contributions to my thousand dollar savings challenges.

Create better listing images. I have seen some really nice listing images and I have listing image envy. I am really going to work on creating beautiful listing images for both my etsy shop and my website shop.

I will need to create some templates in Photoshop or Illustrator to make the process easier and keep a consistent look across the listings.


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Have you started a Etsy Side Hustle? Do you have any suggestions on how to increase sales or create better images for listings? I would love to hear from you please leave a comment below.


Etsy Side Hustle Income Report Lessons Learned January 2018 Creative Business Selling Digital Products Online


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