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Etsy Income Report April 2018 | Why Passive Income Still Requires Work

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This post contains affiliate links. I am an affiliate for products and services that I use and love. My Favourites are Adobe Creative Cloud | Etsy | The Book Depository and more. Please read my disclosure here for more information.

Etsy Income Report April 2018 | Why Passive Income Still Requires (Some) Work | Making Money Online Selling Digital Products

Hello Creative Side Hustlers!

This month I want to share with you all about my epic etsy fails. Last month I had nearly doubled my etsy income from the month before, this month I made two sales.

I went from 5 sales and $40 of passive income in one month, to just 2 sales and $16 for the whole month of April. I’m going to share the things I did and didn’t do, where I think I went wrong and what I am planning to do to fix my mistakes.

April Goals Were

Earn $100 in sales - Failed

This is a pretty big goal considering I only achieved $40 in sales last month, but I want to aim higher this month. 

Just like the song, you can't always get what you want, but you get what you need. Yes I got what I needed a big fat reality check to the ego. If you want earn passive income, then you are going to have to put in the effort to deserve it. 

Create 2 new designs - Failed

I still have a few products to make in the old designs but I would like to create something new and fresh. If not for the customers, for my own creative sanity.

At the very end of the month ( and I mean the end of the month, like the last few days) I did create two new designs that I am really happy with and listed them. I still have a lot of work to do on filling out the different versions of all my current designs.

List 8 new product listings - Failed

I fully intend on listing way more than 8 new product listings, only time will tell if I follow through with my intentions.

You know what they say about good intentions, they don't mean much if you don't take action. 

Focus on the look of the shop Almost

My etsy shop is a bit scrappy and really needs some love and attention. I just kind of started and added in new things and looks as I learned new aspects. I still haven't even created a banner. 

Towards the very end of the month I really put some effort in to creating the shop banner and the new profile picture, I even went through and updated nearly all of the listings images. 

I have learnt how to make several listing images in a very short amount of time now that I have started to master the power of Ai Illustrator. I really really love this program and I can't believe I put off learning how to use it for so long!

What Went Wrong

As you can see from the above goals, I did not really achieve any of the goals that I set out to do this month.

I did not make any new designs until the very end of the month, I did not post any new listings and I did not freshen up the look and create a shop banner until the very last day.

The trap that many people (myself included) fall into with creating a passive income side business is thinking that you don’t need to do anything. 

As you can see from the dismal results of this months efforts that is completely untrue. Last month when I made those 5 sales and everything looked like it was starting to pick up, I thought I could relax and things would continue to pick up speed with less effort from me. 

So, I stopped scheduling my listings to pin on Pinterest boards, I told myself I had plenty of listings (36 listings) - I could make a new printable tomorrow -  and told myself I didn’t have time to make new listings (but plenty of time to watch tv shows). 

Mistakes I Made This Month

I did very little in terms of marketing of my products (and still expected to make sales! Crazy I know, but I thought the success of the previous month would continue.)

You can read all about last month here : Etsy Income Report March 2018

I put off creating and listing new helpful products ( and I justified it to myself as “because no one asked me to do it, so no one actually needs it. If people wanted it they would ask me right?”)

And I stopped treating my side business like a business. I put my etsy printable business into the hobby basket so I could focus on getting a full time job.

The good news is that I was able to land an awesome job using my resume hack I wrote about earlier this year and some perseverance during the interview process.

Read about my resume hack that landed me the job here : The Ultimate Resume Hack

Things I Did Right This Month

This month I did make an effort to contact a few recent customers to thank them for their purchase(s) and asked them if they liked my products to leave me a happy review.

This exercise was very successful, my wonderful customers were very kind and left me lovely reviews. I am confident that this will continue to help grow my traffic and sales with etsy.

Something else I discovered this month was that one of my customers had first tried my freebie here on the blog before making a purchase through Etsy.  

I was very excited and happy to know that someone read my blog on how to create printables, downloaded my freebie and then were happy to make a purchase to get the full set.

I’m going to look into how I can convert my freebie to a sale on the website so that they don’t have to go over to etsy to make the same purchase.

I really need a shop/brand overhaul and to stock the shop shelves first. But now that I have really found my flow with Adobe Illustrator and listing products I feel like I can get this  done quickly and easily.

May Goals

Create some new products and list them

At the very end of April I did manage to come up with two new designs for my planner printables. Listing these new designs did help create a spike in traffic in my etsy shop.

I would like to make sure I have all my designs for each type of divider that I currently offer. I would also like to create Personal size dividers to expand my range a little bit more.

I want to create some new recipe page designs to bundle with my divider printables and expand my range and sales a bit. I also love using my own travelers notebook printables and I am thinking of creating them for the shop too.

Promote my listings on Pinterest

Since stopping my scheduled pins this month both etsy and my Pinterest account have dropped significantly. This month I attempted to do the manual method with Pinterest. 

While I did see an increase of followers by doing this, I don’t think I am ready to fully switch over to the manual method just yet. I think I am juggling enough and will use my scheduler until I can manage to integrate both methods into my routine.

I have joined a number of new tribes related to my product so I am hoping to jumpstart my Pinterest traffic again.

Earn $50 in printable sales

I hope to create many pretty and useful printables for my customers this month, which will allow me earn extra income to complete my thousand dollar savings challenge. 

I have less than $160 to go reach my eleventh thousand saved and I can't wait to complete another thousand dollar challenge.

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