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Colourful Fonts for Goodnotes Elements Digital Planners

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I'm going to show you how to create colored sticker fonts for Goodnotes 5 elements using Adobe Illustrator and Fontself Maker. These ones won't be color changeable in the good Notes app, but the best part about using sticker fonts is the scalability. So when you bring a font into good notes, it is an SVG, which means it can scale without pixelation. The other good thing about it is the file size is much smaller, which means you can have more stickers.

Let's get started. We are just going to do the same ten again. I do need to scale them down. I'm using my new template and just move them over here. Now to start with, I'm going to just kind of give you an idea of what you can do with these. So I'm going to select that one. I'm going to go to select Same, and then I'm going to press X on the keyboard to switch them around.

Okay. So the full colors now green, perfect, I'm going to select the sun here first and I do the same thing. Then you select same and this one is stroke color and then press x again and then I could do green I think I’m going to do that I’m just going to select all of these and go “i” and select that one. Okay. I'm just going to group those together.

You just select them like we did before. We're going to go up to Fontself Maker and we're going to just click on 0-9 and there you have it. They're already pre typed in we can then go save and we go color sticker font and save. 

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