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Brisbane Planner Markets Haul – September 2017

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Brisbane Planner Markets | Product Haul | Planner Accessories | Planner Setup



Brisbane Planner Markets | Planner Haul | Review | Planner Accessories | Nikita RoseLast Sunday I went to the Brisbane Planner Markets, these markets have happened twice this year. It has not been determined yet if they will run them again next year, so check their social media pages for updates.

The venue for these markets was much more suitable this time around. There was plenty of onsite parking and the hall was nice and cool. 

I love supporting small business, creative business, handmade business and really any business where you can experience the positive energies of the people behind the brand.

And of course I LOVE planners, stationary, stickers and pens. Planners and stationary to me is the art of possibility.


The Crowds

We knew that the crowds are ridiculous first thing in the morning so we arrived about an hour after opening time. 

There was still a substantial crowd when we arrived, however we were able to get to a few stalls and actually see what the stallholders had on display. Some stalls were still impossible to view due to the amount of people at their tables.

We took some time out to grab some drinks and let the crowd disperse a little. It can get a little frustrating (especially if you are short) trying to see what is on the table when there are ten plus people trying to do the same.

Towards lunchtime it became a lot easier to actually get to the stall tables. Yay!

After a few trips around, we were finally able to see most stalls and I had picked out a few little finds to purchase. 

My Planner Haul

Nikita Rose Kitadori Travellers Notebook Planner Cover Purple Rose Clips and Planner Stickers

My first purchase was two little glitter rose clips from the lovely Hayley at She Who Dares Design on etsy. I am really drawn to pink, blue and purple right now. I think they are so adorable with my purple "kitadori" planner cover I made myself and the new sticker kit from Blackbird Print Co .

Planner Stickers

My new sticker kit is from Nicola at Blackbird Print Co on Etsy. I picked the hydrangea deluxe kit with its pink, purple and blue hues and it goes perfectly with my purple travellers notebook planner cover.

Did I mention I'm in love with these colour combinations?

Watercolour Travellers Notebook Insert Nikita Rose Two bow clips

Next I bought two little bow clips from Little Lizzie, a (navy) blue and (coral) pink that pair so nicely with the rose clips I got earlier. 

Travellers Notebook Planner Insert My Thousand Dollars Savings Plan with Polka Dot Bow Clip

I also decided to get another bow clip from Little Lizzie stall that was white with aqua, pink and silver polka dots. I am so happy with how nicely it matches my aqua watercolour notebook cover for my thousand dollars savings challenges.


My Plans To Plan

Nikita Rose Kitadori Planner Cover Planner Stickers Rose Planner Clips

I am so excited to put together my new planner with these little treasures. I am still working out my planner system that works for me. I was looking at the planners they had there, but most were the 2018 planners and I want something I can use right now.

I know in my planner I want to include an insert for my thousand dollar savings challenge, a monthly insert, a notes insert and my money planner insert. I definitely need to plan and schedule my blog posts out each month so I don’t just post them all at the end of the month.

I am still deciding if I want a blog post insert for writing first drafts or if I just want a blog goals, reports and to do list. Perhaps I will put both in and see if I like that many inserts or if I prefer less.

I will share my process and set up of my new planner system towards the end of the month. I will add the link here once I publish it.

Favourite Finds I Loved But Didn’t Buy

The first find I wish I had bought was a very awesome pencil case from stall verydebra. I have so many pencil cases already, so I didn’t get it. However I really liked the design of it how it opens out flat and has a wide opening making it easy to get pens in and out of.

The second find I loved but didn’t buy (yet) was a very pretty pen and mechanical pencil with blue and pink acrylic swirls from the lathe & chisel stall. I took a card so maybe I will get one for Christmas.

Final Thoughts

I had quite an enjoyable time at the Brisbane Planner Markets last Sunday. The cooler temperature, friendly atmosphere and waiting until the "first rush" crowd dispersed really helped make it a pleasant experience.

I'm so happy with my purchases and cannot wait to get my planner on.


Brisbane Planner Markets | Planner Haul | Planner Accessories | Etsy Planner Shops

I found a number of stallholders displaying traveller’s notebook covers that were made similar to the way I make mine. It gave me hope that perhaps there are others out there that might like my style of cover.

I prefer a more “hardcover” style notebook cover, but many of the traveller’s notebook fanatics I had come across in my research seemed to prefer the soft / floppy style covers.

I've been making my own planner covers for almost a year and I have never gotten the courage to list my planner covers because I couldn't find anyone else that sold them. I figured if no one was offering something similar to my covers then there mustn't be a market for them.

I think I might create a listing or two and just see if people want my style or not and stop being so damn chicken. 

I will definitely be going to the next Brisbane Planner Markets (if they put on another one).

Maybe I might even go as a stall holder? We will see…


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My Haul In Use 

My Thousand Dollars Savings Challenge Planner Haul Bow Clip

I’ve been making some small contributions towards my next thousand dollars but still have a ways to go. I am going to spend the next few weeks thinking about how I can really light a fire under this goal.

I have since received my first dividend payment ($53.36) for this financial year and have put it straight towards my ninth thousand dollars.


My Thousand Dollars Savings Challenge Travellers Notebook Planner Insert Nikita Rose Kitadori Insert

I hope this cute little bow gives me some good money vibes and helps me find ways to acquire my goal with some hustle.

xoxo Nikita Rose | Planner Addict | Handmade Business Consultant | Creative Living

Comment below if you want to see my set up process for my new planner system. Let me know if you would prefer a series of images or a video of my planner set up.

If you liked this post please share with the social media buttons below! I would appreciate the love. 


Brisbane Planner Markets | Product Haul | Planner Accessories | Planner Setup
Brisbane Planner Markets | Product Haul | Planner Accessories | Planner Setup
Brisbane Planner Markets | Product Haul | Planner Accessories | Planner Setup
Brisbane Planner Markets | Product Haul | Planner Accessories | Planner Setup
Brisbane Planner Markets | Product Haul | Planner Accessories | Planner Setup


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