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Monthly Blog + Goals Report | November 2017

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Blog And Goals Report November 2017 Goal Setting Blog Results Affiliate Income

Monthly Goals Report | November 2017

This month has been amazing and at the same time haphazardly chaotic. I have grown my Pinterest views, I have learnt to use Illustrator and Adobe Acrobat Pro DC and have found a direction for my blog. I have really enjoyed learning new skills in Adobe Creative Cloud and I would love to create videos and blog tutorials around creative design skills.

Blogging Goals

Continue to Grow my Pinterest Views. Successful.

This month has been very good for Pinterest Views. A number of my pins have been quite successful and I have gone from 5k monthly views to 18k monthly views.

I still have a lot to learn like how to keep those views increasing and stop them from decreasing. I have noticed already that my views started to drop towards the end of the month.

Write, Edit, Link and Pin FOUR new blog posts. Completed.

This month I was actually able to meet my goal of posting four blog posts. While I did write and post four new posts this month I did feel like maybe some of them weren't really me.

I want to write posts that are both helpful to others and also what I am interested in, not just posts that I think others will be interested in.

I think I got caught up in writing about things that worked or were successful for other bloggers and it became a bit of a chore. I kept thinking that it's all been written before why bother writing it? Someone else has probably already written it better anyway.

I am going to refocus on creative tutorials, creative lifestyle posts and personal development goals since that's really what I am interested in. 

November Blog Posts

Monthly Blog and Goals Report - October 2017

Easy Way To Create Planner Dividers + Dashboards

8 Steps You Must Take to Create a Successful Handmade Business

Gift Guide For The Work At Home Creative

I did a lot of searching this month and I think I would like to focus on more creative blog posts. I have been learning to use Illustrator to create new products for myself and for my shop.

I feel more genuine when I write, publish and most importantly share my more creative posts. I have a few posts that I written and should share more but I always seem to hesitate with them.

I really enjoyed writing and sharing my how to make planner dividers post. Naturally it has gotten more attention from being shared, but I feel that people also responded better to it because it was real. I would love to make video tutorials to add more value to my posts in the future.

October Blog Posts

Monthly Blog And Goals Report - September 2017

My Tenth Thousand Dollars Savings Challenge

The Family Cookbook Project - Part One

Creative Goals

Get creative in Adobe Photoshop + Illustrator. Completed.

This month I was able to learn how to create seamless repeating patterns and swatches in Illustrator and I have learnt a number of new skills that I am very excited about. I cannot wait to grow my creative skills and share it with my readers.

I am really looking forward to doing more with PhotoshopIllustrator and other creative tutorials and projects.

I have nearly finished working on my page layouts for my family recipe collection cookbook project. I am looking forward to sharing the process with you and the final product.

Open my Etsy shop. Completed.

After learning some new skills in both Illustrator + Adobe Acrobat Pro DC I was able to create a number of listing in my etsy shop. While I have had a number of visitors to my store no sales as yet. I am working on adding new products to my web-shop and etsy soon.

I am still trying to work out where I should be focusing my time. I want to do all these things and I know I should pick one and focus on it until I see results. But all the things! (anyone else feel like this?)

  • Creating new products?
  • Marketing products I've already got?
  • Writing blog posts and tutorials?
  • Blog Traffic?
  • Affiliate Marketing?
  • Learning new skills - Videos/Youtube? Illustrator? New products?


Society6 and Spoonflower. Failed.

Again I seem to start each month with so much enthusiasm, I want to do it all, then reality comes along and brings me down to earth. 

I would love to say that I have learnt my lesson but we all know that I am going to end up setting more goals than I can handle in a single month.

Like why did I even make this one a goal? Why do I struggle so hard to focus and hone in on getting one thing done well? Why do I feel the need to do all these different things haphazardly? 

Blog News


14,909 Avg Monthly Viewers November 2017

4,941 Avg Monthly Viewers October 2017

3,852 Avg Monthly Viewers September 2017

2,916 Avg Monthly Viewers August 2017

This month saw my biggest growth in views thanks to a few pins that just seemed to go viral. The pin images themselves (in my opinion) weren't all that spectacular, however they were popular subjects.

Both were Planner / Paper Craft / Creative DIY type pins and there is a big audience for these pins on Pinterest.

Website Page Views

388 page views November 2017

334 page views October 2017

635 page views September 2017

372 page views August 2017

I am definitely struggling to grow my page views each month. I can put this down to a number of things.

  1. Not promoting my website enough/consistently
  2. Not posting blog posts consistently.
  3. Not having found my focus yet

Affiliate Income

GoDaddy $1.40USD

Adobe Creative Cloud $20.89AUD 

While I have earned these commissions I will not claim to have actually made money from affiliate marketing yet, mainly because both of the above have a $100 minimum payout.

December Goals

Write More Creative Tutorial blog posts.

I would love to help other people find and develop their creativity and maybe even develop their design skills to grow their business.

I think this is a much better path for me than trying to blog about blogging since there are so many others out there already doing it and doing it better.

Plan My Blog Growth.

I want to sit down and write out a step by step plan for growing my traffic and stick to it. I spend too much time chasing my tail thinking, did I share this post? have I shared it enough? Too much? Did I share it here? Or was it somewhere else I shared it? Should I find more group boards? should I sign up for tailwind? should I find tailwind tribes to join? Have I missed every single FB Group share my post opportunity?

Affiliate Income.

Reach the $100 minimum for payments.

Adobe Creative Cloud I will focus on sharing with you many new tutorials on how to use Photoshop, Illustrator and even Acrobat Pro to help you with your creative business endeavours. And in doing so I hope to show you just how invaluable these programs can be.

Final Thoughts

I feel as if I am slowly working my way towards my true path and I am starting to master some new skills. I am looking forward to how far I can take my creative business journey.

Are there any creative tutorials you would love to see? Leave them in the comments below.

Nikita Rose Creative Design Handmade Business Lifestyle Blog


My Favourite Affiliate Programs

Adobe Creative Cloud 

I have been using Photoshop for over 10 years now and I have just started learning Illustrator. I have both Photoshop and Illustrator CS5 versions that I am using for the moment. 

I love the endless creative possibilities these programs provide me and I will be sharing more creative tutorials with you so you can see for yourself the amazingness that is Adobe Creative Cloud.

The Book Depository

I love this site, I have been buying my books from the book depository for about 8 years now. I hardly ever buy books any other way, partly because most book stores in my area have closed down and partly because free shipping (and I am slightly antisocial) 


Shopify is the reason you are able to read this post. I cannot say how much I am loving being able to start a blog and shop in one. I still have plenty to learn about online business and the art of blogging but shopify has made the process so easy for me to learn and grow.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

I don't think I would have had the courage to apply to affiliate programs for my favourite businesses and services if I hadn't taken this course.

I am still working on implementing all the tips that this course offers. It has taken me a while to work out how use her methods for affiliate links without blogging about blogging. 

I know that I wouldn't have even made $1 in commission had I not taken this course so I really appreciate not only the course and the courage it gave me to actually apply to affiliate programs but also the support from the Facebook group for those taking the course.


Blog And Goals Report November 2017 Goal Setting Blog Results Affiliate Income| Newbie Blogger | Lessons Learned | Goal Setting | Starting a Creative Blog and Online Business
Blog And Goals Report November 2017 Goal Setting Blog Results Affiliate Income| Newbie Blogger | Lessons Learned | Goal Setting | Starting a Creative Blog and Online Business
Blog And Goals Report November 2017 Goal Setting Blog Results Affiliate Income| Newbie Blogger | Lessons Learned | Goal Setting | Starting a Creative Blog and Online Business
Blog And Goals Report November 2017 Goal Setting Blog Results Affiliate Income| Newbie Blogger | Lessons Learned | Goal Setting | Starting a Creative Blog and Online Business
Blog And Goals Report November 2017 Goal Setting Blog Results Affiliate Income| Newbie Blogger | Lessons Learned | Goal Setting | Starting a Creative Blog and Online Business


Blog And Goals Report November 2017 Goal Setting Blog Results Affiliate Income

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  • NikitaRose on

    Thank you Taylor!
    I really wanted to document the process of starting a blog and online creative business without all the “Dollar Hype”.
    I still like to read other peoples income reports to try find that little detail that may help me grow.
    I read a quote just this morning that said something like, “Do not compare your journey to another, the sun and the moon both shine in their own time.”

  • Taylor on

    I love this post simply because it’s showing the reality of blogging. Like I started blogging as a side hustle, I wanted to make more money. While I’m reading all of these income reports of bloggers making $5,000 a month, it’s actually very comforting to know that there are bloggers who are still working with methods to improve their blog. So I find this very motivational!

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